Become Kakashi with VFX!

Who isn’t inspired by their childhood? The aesthetics and styles we grew up with influence us daily. I took that inspiration to another level.

Kakashi, a character from the Naruto anime series, was always one of my favorites. His awesome powers were always so iconic, I knew I had to try and recreate them with VFX.

Electricity is always a fun effect to tackle. We’ve done it many times over, but we’ve never captured REAL electricity, at least until now. Using a tesla coil and a Black Magic Ursa, we shot practical electricity. We made a Chidori, or Electric Energy Ball, completely FREE for anyone to download and recreate this effect themselves. No good VFX asset is good enough without the right sound. Niko went ahead and made a specialty Chidori Sound Effect, also completely free, for you to download.

This tutorial uses the amazing Face Relighter Plugin. If you have both Windows and Element3D, you can try it out yourself!

Learn to use and composite these elements in this breakdown.