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Digital text messages have rapidly become a fundamental part of our entertainment, featuring in popular shows like Sherlock and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Characters effectively convey crucial information to audiences through text messages. However, this process often proves tedious for motion graphics artists.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our FREE After Effects extension, Crate’s Text Messages. This tool simplifies the creation of animated text message graphics in After Effects. To begin, log in to your ProductionCrate account and download the installer for Mac or Windows from the product page.

Once installed, customize both incoming and outgoing messages, including specifying sender details, starting times, and selecting from preset app styles or crafting your own. If you encounter issues or wish to start anew, simply utilize the reset button.

Once you click “generate,” the exchange transforms into multiple After Effects compositions. These compositions provide you with extensive controls for further customization.

Crate’s Text Message Generator

If you have not disabled your expression error settings, you may see a warning banner the first time you run the extension. You can uncheck this option in After Effects Preferences -> Scripting & Expressions.

Should you encounter any issues when using this script, contact us at