Great White Shark VFX

New Great White Shark Effects

One of the coolest predators to have ever existed is now available on FootageCrate and RenderCrate, the Great White Shark! We have added 9 new shark effects for you to download.

We focused on creating loopable shark animations. The trick was getting both the caustics (the lighting on the shark) and the shark’s movements to loop seamlessly. That was a fun one to figure out, but we did it.

7 of these assets are in 4K resolution and are fully-loopable. You can animate the Position, Scale and Rotation to allow the Great White to swim through whatever scenes you have.

For 3D artists looking to really customize your shark animations, we’re providing the fully-rigged shark model. This comes with all the maps you need. We are also including the C4D rig we built out for these animations.

We’re going to be adding some underwater assets soon! Stay tuned for more.