Download Photorealistic 3D Grenade Models

Photorealistic 3D Grenade Model Pack – Download Now

Download the new bundle of 3D Grenade models here

RenderCrate is making an explosive entrance to the year with the release of 5 grenade 3D models. These include:

  • 3D M18 Smoke Grenade model
  • 3D M67 Grenade model
  • 3D M84 Stun Grenade model
  • 3D Type 97 Grenade model
  • 3D WWII Stick Grenade model

These have been carefully crafted for immediate realism through the immensely powerful 4K textures built into them. This allows you to get up close to these assets while also maintaining a photorealistic render.

Download Photorealistic 3D Grenade Models

The assets in this bundle are provided in FBX, as well as OBJ format, meaning these objects will be compatible in Blender, Cinema4D, 3ds Max, Maya, Element3D and many other 3D editing software. Using the FBX format will allow you to import the 3D grenade model with most of the material-setup already complete, simplifying your workflow and saving you valuable time.

Texture maps we have included are:

  • Grenade Albedo/Diffuse texture map
  • Grenade Ambient Occlusion texture map
  • Grenade Height/Bump texture map
  • Grenade Metallic texture map
  • Grenade Normal texture map
  • Grenade Roughness texture map

This utilises PBR based materials, ensuring that the result is as high-quality as possible.


We have also split the mesh up into its individual components. This gives you the freedom to individually animate the different segments of the grenade, such as the safety-pin and lever.

Download Photorealistic 3D Grenade Models

Download Photorealistic 3D Grenade Models

RenderCrate is our collection of 3D assets to help artists create better digital environments. Our growing library is here for you, so feel free to explore the rest of our 3D weapons category!

We’re excited to see what you create with these 3D grenade models. If you’re interested in learning about more content, check out our fully rigged shark model.