Snow Video Effects

Download Realistic Snow Video Effects

We have created 28 New Snow VFX for you to download. These were all shot practically for optimal-realism. We have variations of 4K options, turbulent snow, heavy snow, snow-drops, flurries, and more. Several of these assets were built out to be loopable, so you’ll never have to worry about your effects being too short.

Snow Drops are great for things like wind blowing snow off of trees or from the roof of the house. These are fun-to-composite elements that will bring a new level of realism to your scene.

4K Snow Elements can be used in 1080p projects in fantastic ways. You can scale up to have foreground snow and scale down to have snow for the background. You can of course use them in 4K compositions as well.

Loopable Snow will let you create some unique projects. You can use looping snow over a photo to create a cinemagraph, or use them in any long-shot in your film. Check out our Free Loop Script for After Effects for more loopy goodness.

Falling Snow Download Assets

5 Of these new Snow Visual Effects are free, all 28 can be downloaded by our Pro Users.

Check out this tutorial for some tips on compositing your snow elements!

FootageCrate is now hosting over 70 Total Snow assets. These include digital snow elements for more movement and variety we could not capture in-camera, as well as digital snow ground-elements!

Want more? Check out this After Effects tutorial for compositing our snowy ground assets.