download these velociraptor video animations

Download the Velociraptor Visual Effects Pack

You won’t find any feathers on these hungry predators.

We’re sticking with the cinematic, inaccurate, and terrifying style we’ve grown up knowing and loving. Download these rendered velociraptor effects today. Choose from various angles to fit your shot. We have running loops, attacking animation, and idling shots. As you’ve probably expected, these are all pre-matted with an alpha channel (no need for green-screen), allowing you to drag and drop these elements onto your shots for instantaneous Jurassic fun!

Video effects aren’t especially useful if you don’t have sound effects to go with them. We’ve made you over 50 Dinosaur Sound Effects  to mix and match for your perfect sound design.

If you’re looking to build out your own Jurassic Park, our landscape set-extension assets may be right for you.

For 3d Artists looking to take more control over their animations our 3D models are available as well. We have two different color options for the raptor, and include the Cinema4D project file with the animations we used.

We’ll be making more dinosaur visual effects assets in the future, so stay tuned!