Download 3D Monster Effects

Mike the Monster Making Machine has been busy! He’s made you several new 3D models to download and use in your projects. All 3 of these creepy creatures are Mixamo compatible for some animating. Let me introduce you to your new friends.

First off is the Wolfman! He’s around 6’2, 315lbs, and likes long walks in the moonlight. Find him here

Download 3D Werewolf


Our next monsters is the Goatman. His diet is mostly ogranic, fresh human flesh. Just look at that smile! Click here to download this charmer


Download 3D Goatman Here


And finally, the Vampire! While he has no wings, he’ll still sweep you off of your feet (kicking and screaming). Perfect for cave-monsters and underworld dwellers, find this monster here

Download 3D Vampire Model

Download royalty free 3d vampire model

Make and Download Magic VFX Assets

Our Magic VFX assets are one of the most downloaded, most requested and most seen categories. We always get asked how we made them, and decided to finally show off some of our tricks! Since we were revisiting these effects, we decided to add 60 new Magic Impact and Block VFX assets. 

Take a few minutes and see what goes into making these VFX assets, and how you can make some yourself! Now you can become a wizard just like Harry Potter in no time.

3D Cyber Punk City Tutorial

Mike shows us his workflow for creating a Cyber Punk inspired city in 3D!

Find the 3D Futuristic Greeble Materials he used here

Learn Substance Painter Today!

Substance Painter is a powerful tool, now provided from Adobe, that let’s you texture your 3D assets with ease! This insane software is incredibly fun to use, but can be a little intimidating if you don’t know where to start.

Thankfully, Mellow Mike is here to save the day. Check out this incredibly fun tutorial showing you the A-Z Basics of Substance Painter using one of our 3D models. Download it here and follow along!


If you’re feeling ready to step it up, the next tutorial will help you create your own custom smart-materials! Once you’ve made one, you can use it for the rest of time. This is a beginner to intermediate level tutorial. While you don’t need them to learn, you can follow along with some of our grunge maps here

Download 3D Retro Technology Pack

Download this incredible Retro Technology Pack with a Computer, Laptop, Computer Mouse, Printer and Floppy Disk! These amazingly detailed 3D assets come with PBR textures for ultimate realism.

download 3d floppy disc


Use these 3D assets for your motion design, NFT project, Youtube videos and films!


Get instantaneous realistic results with minimal effort. This is just the latest in our growing collection of 3D assets, make sure to check back in the future for more amazing content!

Download Modular City Road 3D Models – Tutorial

Download the 3D City Road Models here.

Along every 3D modeller’s journey, there is an attempt to create a 3D city.

Several fatiguing hours later, it becomes clear that this project is no walk in the park. One of the most time-consuming steps in such a project is creating the roads, where everything from pathways, streetlights, curbs, lanes, props and markings have to be taking into consideration. Building a 3D city is a time-consuming endeavour!

We’re offering the most comprehensive solution to 3D roads for your city scenes. This bundle contains over 60+ road modular tiles that can be pieced together instantly, allowing you to construct your cities foundations within minutes instead of weeks. Whether you are producing blockbuster VFX, architectural renders or games, this 3D road kit is for you.

Download City Road Tile 3D Models

City roads are complex, which is why this bundle contains a vast variety of road types. These come in 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 lane variations, giving you the flexibility to piece together everything from bustling city centres to suburban alleyways. Changing from a 6-lane road to a 4-lane road is as simple as inserting a lane conversion module.

Lanes can also intersect with our 3D crossroad tiles, helping you construct the iconic grid of cities such as New York and Los Angeles. These come with every possible combination of road types on offer, such as 2×2, 3×4, 3×6 and more.

Download 3D City Road Tiles 3D Models

To save you even more hassle, these 3D road tiles have also been constructed with low-poly props such as streetlights, road signs, traffic cones, bus stops, bins and more. This introduces instant depth and detail to bring your city to life.

These are provided in FBX format, helping retain the real-world scale and easy-to-setup materials for your project.

How to use the 3D City Road Kit

After downloading the bundle, import the “RenderCrate-Road_Tiles_Individual_Detailed.FBX” file to your 3D scene. Make sure that your Up direction is set to the Z-axis. If your objects come in flipped at a 90° angle, no worries! Just flip them back upright.

We’ve designed this road kit to fit together seamlessly. You will need to set your 3D scene to “snap” objects into position at units of 3-feet. This is so that when you move your road tiles, they will slot into place at discrete intervals, similar to toy bricks. Just remember to set your units to feet, and your grid to 3-foot spacing. Here are some useful tutorials that cover this in Blender, Cinema4D, and 3ds Max.

Road Tile Materials

The entire collection contains 3 basic materials (Road, Path and Objects). Slot in the photorealistic textures we have provided, and within a minute you will have the entire collection of 60+ tiles sharing the same consistent appearance. This means you can adjust the darkness, reflectivity, glossiness and displacement of the road and have the changes conveniently apply to the entire city.

You should now be able to start copying roads from the neatly arranged collection of modules and piece them together.

3D City Road Preset Models

It doesn’t end there! We’ve included 4 various pre-built city road templates to save you even more time. These come with “building seeds” that can be used to easily scatter buildings in the correct positions. This can be done using a proxy instancer or a particle system, whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Download 3D City Road Model Presets

To further expand your virtual world, you can check out our highway road modules and various street props.

We’re proud to be building the most comprehensive collection of VFX, sound effects, graphics and 3D models to help you build the impossible. With constant updates to our library of over 10,000+ assets, you can become part of the growing community of creatives improving their projects by joining ProductionCrate today.


How to Use Cloud VDB’s in Blender, Cinema4D, 3ds Max and more

Download high-resolution VDB clouds, wisps and atmosphere effects here.

Part of our growing library of 3D assets includes VDB files. But what are VDB files anyway?

Developed by DreamWorks, VDB’s are the CGI industries’ solution to storing three-dimensional grids of data. Each grid cell can contain a range of information, such as temperature, density, velocity and more. This makes it possible to efficiently store complex atmospheric phenomena such as clouds, explosions and even interstellar nebulae.

We’ve created several bundles of professional VDB assets that take your art to the next level. These allow you to join the many artists that are already utilising cinematic atmospheric effects in their projects. In addition to this, you can access our library of over 10,000 VFX, Sound Effects, Music and 3D Models.

Download Cloud and Tornado VDB Pack

This unique file type is not to be confused with polygon-based files, such as OBJ and FBX, which store solid 3D geometry – however, it is possible for these to accurately match the unique appearance of volumetric objects. In CG rendering, when light hits a solid object, the raytraced-path can easily be processed as a single interaction as it reflects from the surface. When entering a cloud, light can scatter erratically, requiring non-trivial approaches to simulate the appearance of the final image, such as ray-marching.

Due to the many ways that these can be rendered, different software and rendering engines have their own implementation of VDB’s. Once you know your software and rendering engine, click on the appropriate link below for their official documentation on how to use VDB files. If your software isn’t listed, there’s a good chance that they have information about VDB’s on their website.



3ds Max



We’re excited to see what you create with our cloud VDB assets. If you want to spice up your renders even further, check out our 4K Dust Overlay stock footage.

Animated Balloon Typekit

If you’re creating an ad, celebrating an event or stylizing a photo these new Gold Balloon Assets will be perfect. We have created letters A-Z, numbers 1-9 and several special characters to give you complete creative freedom.

For video editors we have rendered out looping animations for each character. If you use After Effects, speed up your editing by utilizing the TypeCrate script, which will allow you to simply type in the words you want to appear! A looping  function will automatically be applied to your letters, just drag out the tail end and randomly offset them. Learn more by checking out the TypeCrate Script page.

download balloon letters and numbers

Our rendered letters will work in any editing software, but if you’re looking for even more control, then download the 3D Assets! We rendered our animations with gold, which can be easily changed to any color with the Hue and Saturation effect, but if you want sparkly material or even more ability for tracking into your scene, these 3D assets will give you that ability.

For graphics artists, we rendered out 4K stills for each character. These high-resolution images can be composited into any photo with ease.

Gold Balloon Font

If you’re looking for even more content, you can download Balloon Sound Effects from SoundsCrate!

Missile 3D Models – Download

Download 3D Missile Models here

Your 3D projects are about to get even more action-packed with these new 3D missile models.

These have been accurately designed to match real-world missiles as precisely as possible. The high-quality 4K textures give the models truly photorealistic detail, allowing you to get up close to the missile while retaining cinematic realism.

You can animate these along spline paths for full control over their motion, making these easy to use in all 3D software packages.

Download 3D Missile Models for your action movie

These are provided in .OBJ format with PNG textures to ensure maximum compatibility, whether you are using Blender, Cinema4D, 3ds Max, Maya, Element3D, Houdini and more.

Once the model has been imported to your software, simply add the provided textures to your renderer’s material for stunning photorealistic results.

You can utilize our aerial HDRI imagery to create 360° environments to illuminate your projects.

AIM-7 Sparrow Missile 3D Model

Download Sparrow Missile 3D Model

Harpoon Missile 3D Model

Download Harpoon 3D Model

Javelin Missile 3D Model

Download Javelin Missile 3D Model

Nuclear Bomb 3D Model

Download Photorealistic Nuclear Bomb 3D Model

AGM-65 Maverick Missile 3D Model

Download AGM-65 Maverick Missile 3D Model

All users can download the Sparrow missile 3D model for free at full quality. Pro members of the ProductionCrate community can access all 3D assets, as well as 10,000+ more VFX, graphics, music and sound effects from our content library, all at an affordable price. Our constantly growing range of assets is helping creators worldwide build the impossible, no matter what skill level you are at.

In addition to these missiles, you can download our grenade, turrets, bullets and other weapon models to create your ultimate 3D warzone. Combining these with our apocalyptic rubble assets and landscape set extensions provides you with unlimited creativity.

We’re excited to see what projects you create with these 3D missile models!

Sign up to ProductionCrate and start creating today.


Download 3D Missile Models Explosion

Sci-Fi Turret VFX

Pew pew!

We’ve been having a lot of fun with our new Sci-Fi Turret VFX Assets! We have over 50 pre-rendered and animated turret effects that you can just drag and drop onto your shots for some Sci-Fi goodness. Download awesome blaster and laser sound effects and robotic sound effects to tie it all together.

If you’re looking for even more control over your futuristic turret VFX, download our 3D Turret Models. These are insanely fun to animate, and you can track and composite to perfectly match your scene. Here’s a C4D tutorial showing you how to easily set up an IK Chain for more control over your turret rigs.

If you’re looking for more Sci-Fi related content, check out the Spaceship Sound Effects Pack Here!