Download an Aircraft Carrier 3D Model – Blender & Unreal Engine

Download an Aircraft Carrier 3D Model Here

ProductionCrate has released an aircraft carrier 3D model for download on RenderCrate, available in FBX, Blender and Unreal Engine formats. Modelling photorealistic aircraft carrier 3D models requires a challenging level of skill, as well as plenty of time. Even if you do follow a step-by-step tutorial on how to make an aircraft carrier 3D model, you may still find the whole process a little overwhelming to follow – this is where an aircraft carrier 3D model that is ready for download can come in handy, and RenderCrate has exactly what you need.

Download Aircraft Carrier 3D Model for Blender and Unreal Engine - Back


What does the Aircraft Carrier 3D Model include?

Built with a similar shape and physical appearance as the USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77), the downloadable aircraft carrier 3D model hosts a bunch of physical parts and features that are made to resemble a real-life aircraft carrier.

Let’s go through them one by one:

The flight deck of the aircraft carrier is the main – and the biggest part of the ship, meant to accommodate aircraft taking off and landing on it. In the aircraft carrier 3D model, we’ve made sure to include intricate details such as runway guides and markers, allowing you to render animations from the surface of the vessel. To ensure that the aircraft doesn’t look squeaky clean, there are plenty of friction marks on the runway.

The island on the aircraft carrier contains every detail, no matter how minuscule. It features a large metal mast, fitted with antennas, satellite dishes and room for people to stand on. The island on an aircraft carrier is where staff direct aircraft takeoffs and landings from.

Next comes the hull of the ship. The most important, and perfectly crafted part of the aircraft carrier 3D model. We’ve made sure to add some finishing details on the hull of the 3D model for download, including a crimson colour that is just faded enough to show some wear and tear on the ship. Imperfections such as rust are a crucial aspect of realism.

The aircraft carrier model also contains 4 propulsion fans to drive and move the ship forwards.

Download Aircraft Carrier 3D Model for Blender and Unreal Engine - Comparison


What is RenderCrate?

RenderCrate is your one-stop solution to all sorts of 3D models for download, 3D environments as well as materials that can help you bring your creative 3D vision to life. 

With available downloadable 3D assets such as free space 3D models, cars and vehicles 3D models and space 3D environments – RenderCrate provides you with everything that you will need for your next 3D project. 

As CGI and 3D VFX become more mainstream, creating projects and artwork quickly is an essential skill to possess. Additionally, you have a small budget and can’t exactly request a real-life aircraft carrier for your action film. This is where the role of RenderCrate, a creative repository of 3D models, becomes very important.

So how can you save time and money creating your aircraft carrier scene? Download an aircraft carrier 3D model from RenderCrate.

Which Movies Use Computer Generated Aircraft Carrier 3D Models?

A popular movie to use a computer-generated aircraft carrier 3D model is Deadpool. If you compare this aircraft carrier 3d model for download with the real one used in movies like Top Gun: Maverick, there is barely any difference. The use of realistic 3D textures, and professional 3d aircraft modelling can make it hard to differentiate real from fake. This justifies the use of 3d modelled aircraft carriers for download in your own projects. 

Other examples of movies that use 3d modelled aircraft carriers include The Avengers, Godzilla Vs. Kong and Midway.

Download Photorealistic Aircraft Carrier 3D Model for Blender and Unreal Engine


Lighting your Aircraft Carrier 3D Model

Download Sky HDRI Maps

You’ve got your hands on a 4K aircraft carrier 3D model for download, but have you figured out the background of your aircraft carrier? To have the aircraft carrier seem realistic, you need to render, or have an equally realistic background that matches the resolution of your aircraft carrier 3D model. 

Don’t worry, we have exactly what you need in our library of realistic HDRI 3D environments for download.

What are High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI)? 

High Dynamic Range Images are panoramic 360-degree images that contain the lighting conditions of an environment. HDRI images from the very basis of most VFX projects.

Why are HDRI images important in VFX?

All VFX projects require you to light your 3D models in a way that matches the background footage. Because this ultimately helps you achieve a photorealistic scene

HDR is one of the preferred methods by which a 3D model is lighted. This is a feature that adds to the realism of our aircraft carrier 3D model.

Download Photorealistic Aircraft Carrier 3D Model for Blender and Unreal Engine


Photorealistic 3D Aircraft Carrier Model for Download

The key to modelling a realistic 3D aircraft carrier lies in the finer details of the model. Only providing a 3D model that vaguely resembles a real-life object in terms of shape is not enough for it to qualify as a Hollywood-quality 3D model. This is why texturing is important. 

You can view our 360° preview of the aircraft to showcase all the finer details we have included such as rust, paint marks and 3D metal textures.

We utilize multiple stacked UV maps and UDIM files to preserve as much detail as possible throughout the entire aircraft carrier model.

Aircraft Carrier FBX Model

Many of the 3D models for download from RenderCrate are downloadable as FBX files.

What are FBX Files?

FBX files are 3D files specifically for 3D models.  These files contain all kinds of data including geometry, materials and animation. The advantage of FBX files is that they are supported by a large number of 3D software.

This feature is what makes our aircraft carrier 3D model for download incredibly flexible in terms of 3D software compatibility. They can easily be modified in software such as Blender, Cinema4D, 3ds Max and Maya

Blender Aircraft Carrier 3D Models for Download

In addition to the numerous available downloadable formats for the aircraft carrier 3D model by RenderCrate, the newest feature is that it can be downloaded in a format compatible with Blender

What are the benefits of downloading aircraft carrier 3D model for Blender? You get a fully-designed aircraft carrier 3D model, that is ready to render as soon as you import and open the file in Blender. 

This means that the nodes for each material, such as UV-maps, textures and mix nodes, are already set up. You won’t have to go through the hassle of having to set up new nodes. 

On the other hand, downloading in other available formats and importing them onto Blender will provide you with only the outline geometry of the aircraft carrier. 

Download Aircraft Carrier 3D Model for Blender and Unreal Engine - Front


Unreal Engine Aircraft Carrier 3D Models for Download

This format is specifically good news for those who prefer to use the unreal engine software for 3D models. 

If you’ve been looking for how to make an aircraft carrier 3D model in Unreal Engine, download the aircraft carrier 3D model from RenderCrate today.

Once you’re ready to download the aircraft carrier 3D model, be sure to choose the Unreal Engine format from the list of available formats; this will provide you with a file ready to be imported into Unreal Engine.

The benefit of the unreal engine format? The imported file comes with all data required to import a fully-detailed and 3D textured aircraft carrier 3D model. 

Download 8K Aircraft Carrier 3D Model

In the RenderCrate library, the aircraft carrier 3D model is available to download in 1K, 2K and up to 8K resolution. One may question,

What is the benefit of 8K textures? 

It’s more than just about sharpness and good quality. 8K 3D models have higher pixel density. Higher pixel density means that the virtual camera is able to get a lot closer to the surface while maintaining a high level of quality. Become one of the few to use 8K 3D models in your action shot and experience true Hollywood quality with aircraft carrier 3D models from RenderCrate.

Where to Download an Aircraft Carrier 3D Model From?

Where to find 3D models? RenderCrate is an archive specifically for 3D models that are photorealistic, made for movies and games – and the cherry on top: they’re available to download directly in pre-built files for Blender and Unreal Engine!

In addition to tons of 3D models for download such as food 3D models, weapon 3D models and space 3D models, the newest aircraft carrier model in 3D can be downloaded now from RenderCrate.

Are you ready to use the giant aircraft carrier, designed to replicate a realistic aircraft carrier to the dot in your next action shot? The PRO membership on ProductionCrate can help you download the aircraft carrier 3D model and make it yours.

The PRO membership hosts many benefits such as:

  • Access to over 10,000+ creative assets for SFX, 3D models, VR environments, motion graphics and much more. 
  • Access to 3D plugins for After Effects by ProductionCrate such as LaForge (read more here!)
  • Up to 50 Downloads Per Day. PRO members get access to up to 50 downloads per day – enough to have you set for an entire project.
Download Aircraft Carrier 3D Model for Blender and Unreal Engine - Front


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Expand your creative arsenal with RenderCrate! Discover a world of possibilities with our exceptional vehicle 3D models for download. Whether you’re working on an action-packed blockbuster or a visually stunning advertisement, our collection has you covered. 

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Unleash your imagination and bring your projects to life with these incredible 3D models. 

Experience true, high-quality VFX assets for download with ProductionCrate! Elevate your visual creations with our meticulously crafted aircraft carrier 3D model. Experience awe-inspiring realism, intricate detail, and unmatched accuracy as you explore the decks, weaponry, and aircraft of this incredible aircraft carrier. Download the ultimate aircraft carrier 3D model now and captivate your audience, leaving a lasting impact.

Creating Dynamic Space Animations in 3D

Professional VFX and mo-graph artist Jonathan Winbush demonstrates how to create simple 3D space scene animations. He did it by using Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine, and After Effects. Additionally, all of the assets used came from ProductionCrate. These include 3D Space models, Sci-Fi Sound Effects, and our brand new Space HDRI’s.

First, he used Cinema 4D to place the camera, asteroids, and ship in 3D space. Next, he brings the project into Unreal Engine for adjusting the 3D materials & HDRI. Finally, he brings the rendered .EXR file into After Effects to composite and adjust the different passes.

You can see Jonathan’s full breakdown on the WINBUSH YouTube Channel. Be sure to follow him for more 3D content and tutorials. Sign up for a ProductionCrate membership to start download our space VFX assets.

Download Realistic 4K Earthquake VFX

We have added over 30 new ground-shattering and earthquake VFX to download from FootageCrate. These 4K visual effects come in a variety of angles, shapes, and speeds.

Cracking surface effects are versatile for VFX and 3D Artists. Composite them into After Effects to enhance impacts within the scene, or use as animated textures in your favorite 3D software.

Sign up for a Pro account to download these video effects. Pair these VFX with authentic Earthquake sound effects from SoundsCrate. Check out the tutorial below, where we go over how to add these VFX in After Effects.

Download Free 3D Models for your Epic Scenes

A few months ago we released the free 3D Castle Pack. Since then, over 10,000 creators have used it in their projects. We knew we’d have to go even bigger for our next free 3D assets kit. So we did.

Download the free 3D Models in the Industrial Kit and gain access to hundreds of amazing assets.

Download Free 3D Models

This pack contains tons of prefabricated builds to save you time and effort. Build your own mega-structures in minutes. Our prefabs are extraordinarily easy to use. Everything is modular. Constructing detailed scenes has never been so fun!

Download free 3d warehouse model

All downloadable 3D models are compatible with Blender, Cinema4D, Maya, Houdini and 3DSMax. The Unreal Engine Kit is reserved for our Pro Users, and is perfect if you’re looking for 3D Assets for Games, however you are free to convert the 3D Models to Unreal yourself.

Choose from 3D platforms, pipes, trusses, power supplies, ladders, buttons and lights. Build out your worlds in your program of choice to make some high-quality free 3D renders!

Download Free 3D Kit Assets

Find and download the best free 3D assets from RenderCrate and tag us in your projects!

Dropbox link below for media and press purposes only. Contact for Access

Download High Resolution Images and Video of the Industrial Kit

This 3D Rendering Software Isn’t Just Fast… It’s Free

3D artists want to see results fast. We’re getting spoiled in this wonderful age of GPU rendering, and can’t we get enough.

The tools of the trade get better every year, and 2022 is no exception. NVIDIA has been making waves with Omniverse, a creator suite with amazing tools for 3D Artists. Mike has been playing with Omniverse Create, a place to simulate, light and render your 3D assets and scenes. The speeds are truly impressive.

Mike loves to sculpt monsters. This massive Kaiju is one of his most ambitious projects ever (just look at those details). The textures alone are a whopping 75 total UDIM textures, 8K resolution… perfect to put any renderer to the test!

Luckily, things didn’t catch fire. Omniverse Create held up, and then some. See the test and how you can use this free 3D software yourself!

Download Free 3D Spaceship Models

We have 5 new 3D Spaceship models available for download. Get these models for free to use in your projects.

These can be instanced hundreds of times to fill an entire futuristic night sky, or scattered around a newly terraformed planet. To provide more flexibility and creativity, we’re including 2 different skins for each of these 5 ships.


These are part of the popular Vehicles Category on RenderCrate. Find more 3D spaceships, cars, trucks, airplanes and more!


here is where you can download free 3d models of a scifi spaceship


Use various planet textures, Sci-Fi corridors or satellite models from the 3D Space category and bring your project to the next level. Don’t forget, you can find every SciFi sound effect you’ll need on ProductionCrate!



Free 3D Facial Expression Blendshapes Pack

We recently discovered this treasure trove of free Facial Blendshapes provided by the Institute for Creative Technology at USC.

This pack has over 150 facial blendshapes and is released under the MIT license. The pack will help  you to create completely customizable characters with their amazing presets.

Mike Smith, a 3d and  VFX Artist at shows us how we can harness the power of this collection in this video.


Start by shrink-wrapping the generic neutral base mesh onto a custom head model. Apply the shrink-wrapped head as a blend-shape. Any unique character can be set up for a realistic facial performance with very little time or effort.

Free Castle 3D Model Kit – Download Now

Download the free photorealistic 3D castle kit for your 3D projects here.

For a limited time, you can access an incredible 3D castle kit to use in your projects with no price at all. With over 60+ unique modular 3D assets, this pack provides an unlimited degree of freedom to create the perfect medieval empire.

We value the countless benefits of modularity for packaged 3D content. This takes away the tedious time-consuming work of creating every single wall, doorway and window by hand. Instead, you’re provided with easy to use inter-compatible assets; leaving you only with the task of piecing together your artistic vision. Do you need a tall castle? Just duplicate the available modules and stack them up! Do you want your castle to circle around your kingdom? Pick your module and duplicate it with an array! The possibilities are endless.

The kit includes three main categories of content, each featuring a diverse range of incredible 3D models to help you construct any castle imaginable.

Download Epic 3D Castle Models for Free

Castle Structure 3D Models

These are the backbones of your fortresses. Spanning from small humble homes to enormous palaces, you’re in total control over the composition of your kingdom. Each of them carries a unique style to offer you the freedom to go down any direction you wish to take. You can combine the large circular kingdom with the irregular sprawling tower to create an even more sophisticated arrangement; there’s no limit to how far these castles can grow.

Churches, cathedrals, manors and mansions are part of the medium-scale structures found in this category. These fit perfectly in the areas surrounding your castle, however, you are free to seamlessly merge these with the main body of the castle for further customization. Despite them being smaller in size, you’ll find the detail in the geometry and textures are of unbelievable quality for a free asset.

This collection has been pre-built using the 3D models found in the Castle_Components file, which features a large array of various components such as castle windows, castle doors, chimneys, balconies, rooftops and walls. By using the highly detailed premade castle structures, you’ll be saving yourself the trouble of assembling the 3D castle models from scratch.

For maximum flexibility, these buildings have been designed to appear special from every angle. This allows you to rotate, scale and position multiple copies of the same castle structure while avoiding introducing any visual repetition. No longer are you faced with the artificial appearance seen in many 3D renders, your castles will feel natural and built from the ground up with originality in every corner.

Create massive 3D Castle Models for Free in Blender Download Large Medieval Castle Models for Free

Not only are we including the most impressive large-scale castle structures, but to cover the surroundings of your kingdom we built out several small 3D medieval homes. Fit for a peasant, these 3D medieval houses feature wooden doorways, a selection of windows, a tiled rooftop and even a chimney.

Download Medieval Home 3D Models for your 3D Projects

From the beginning, we understood the importance of designing these to be friendly towards procedural city generation. By following a style that found the perfect balance between uniqueness and similarity, these medieval homes can be instanced thousands of times and produce a city that feels truly authentic. The minimal geometry combined with the high level of texture detail makes this the perfect model to use in your medieval city; maximising visual quality while minimising the impact on performance both in the render and while using the viewport.

Scattering and instancing is a common practice found in many 3D software, such as Blender, 3ds Max, Cinema4D and Maya. This takes in a selection of objects and duplicates them on the surface of another. In the case of a 3D digital medieval city, we would want the surface to be a large landscape in the form of a 2D plane. Setting your desired number of feudal houses to a high value such as 3,000 will immediately and automatically place this many buildings around your scene.

Advanced implementations such as Blender’s geometry nodes will provide a multitude of precise controls to fine-tune your scattering. You can control the variation in size, rotation, scale and even introduce advanced filters to break up the uniformity by adding clusters of large-scale buildings, or even trees. All of the exposed parameters can immediately change the way your city is generated, allowing you to identify the perfect settings for your artwork’s vision.

Castle Empire 3D Model - Free Download

Castle Wall 3D Models

No kingdom is safe without an impenetrable range of defences around it. Taking inspiration from real-world castles walls, we’re offering the most versatile medieval castle wall kit you’ll ever need.

The castle wall category features three different styles of walls. Firstly, a plain and minimal wall featuring a basic walkway across the top, providing suitable defence for any small town or village. Additional wooden fortifications are the highlight of the second option, making it a great choice for a new settlement or a town in the middle of a forest. The closed roof gives this wall extra height and stands out from the rest. Thirdly, a reinforced medieval wall with strengthened columns of brick lining the outside. Shadows cast by this depth-filled wall structure make it the perfect companion for large scale castles and kingdom walls. Each theme then itself has a counterpart that includes a castle entrance, such as wooden gates or a metal portcullis.

Along the top of the castle wall 3D models are an array of parapets, strategically placed for soldiers to hide behind when sheltering from projectiles. Your army of archers can line up along the top of these walls and fire their arrows down into the oncoming army. Additional battlements, such as arrowslits, are textured into the walls to offer phenomenal realism and detail into your 3D castle siege diorama.

Piecing these together has been designed to be an effortless process akin to building a model railway. Simply slot together the tileable castle wall 3D models, and duplicate your pieces endlessly to create any perimeter required. Each vertex of the 3D medieval wall assets is targeted precisely to match the adjacent piece, leaving you with a perfectly sealed model. Each theme features a set of three angle variations: a straight wall, a 45-degree bend and a 90-degree bend. This delivers exceptional flexibility when it comes to expanding your castle walls to perfectly fit your landscape.

We recommend duplicating the straight castle walls into a long array, and using a modifier to force this long structure to procedurally bend and follow a spline. This spline, unlike the discrete angle variations, can twist, turn and arch with an infinite degree of freedom. Changes made to the spline instantly update the deformed wall structure, making it a powerful solution for medieval map creators.

Download castle wall 3D models for freeDownload castle wall 3D models for free

Castle Tower 3D Models

Add scale to your castle with these versatile castle tower 3D models. These fortified 3D castle turret models come in all shapes and sizes, and help your structures stand out from their surroundings with their immense vertical size. These can be placed inside your kingdom, or even on the walls themselves. Whether you need a dungeon, beacon or watchtower, your needs will be met by choosing from the huge selection of castle tower 3D models.

The free castle turret models come in 3 main categories. Square shaped towers offer brutal sharp minimalistic corners that create impressive shadows in your 3D renders. Round towers offer similar proportions in a circular shape, creating a beautiful gradient between the lit and shaded parts of the tower thanks to the incredibly realistic brick textures. Finally, the largest towers are three times as wide as the others, making them ideal for the central towers within your castle walls.

For maximum blending into your scene, the base of these towers and many other 3D models in this free castle kit are textured with a dirty surface. This helps you integrate it into your scene and not worry about setting up custom decals or ambient occlusion. You only need to worry about the composition of your castle, instead of any technical maintenance.

Download free 3D Medieval Tower models for FreeDownload castle towers and spires for freeDownload 3D Castle Towers for Free for your 3D Projects

Texture Variations

To immediately make this pack 4 times greater, we’ve included a set of material options to use in your castle. Immediately change the entire appearance of your 3D castle by swapping in the textures from your favourite set. We’ve included light bricks, brown bricks, dark bricks and old bricks. Each option was photo scanned and processed into photorealistic materials, all featuring metallic, roughness and normal maps at an incredible 8K resolution. The distinct differences between these options make them perfect for establishing a different setting, time period and tone for your 3D artwork; whether you need to portray your castle as a prosperous empire or a dark fortress.

Photoscanned Castle Model Texture Materials

USD Compatible

A new industry standard is arriving that promises to become the next innovation in file sharing. USD, initially developed by Pixar, aims to become the most powerful file format by encoding all the necessary information important to maintaining the integrity of a 3D asset. This information includes scale units, orientation, materials, textures, hierarchy and countless others properties. While USD compatibility is still in development for most 3D software, it’s rapidly evolving and improving in software such as Blender, Cinema4D, Maya and 3DS Max. You’ll immediately notice the benefits of importing through USD by how quickly the process makes your workflow. Just hit import, and your 3D castle will have all materials and textures automatically linked – no need to import a million files by hand!

ProductionCrate endeavours to provide the highest quality 3D models for artists worldwide, enabling unlimited creativity for all. Releasing this incredible castle kit for free is a chance to thank our community for supporting our mission to change digital art forever. We would love to see how you use these, so make sure to tag us on Twitter and Instagram with your artwork.

If you would like to see more 3D model kits, check out our 3D city road kit.

Download Free 3D Models for VFX Artists

We released our biggest 3D Pack ever, the Modular Kingdom Pack. Download this Free 3D Collection of castle, buildings, walls and structures to use in your Visual Effects and filmmaking projects. RenderCrate  is a library full of free and Pro 3D models that you can download. Anything not marked with a star is 100% free! Find weapons, sports gear, vehicles and characters from our ever growing library.

If you’re looking for more 3D content for free, here’s a list of 5 wonderful resources. We’ll keep adding more to RenderCrate, so make sure to check back regularly.


  • Quixel Megascans library is absolutely massive, and packed full of high-quality 3D content. Their focus is on photogrammetry / scanned assets, so all the content photo-realistic. They recently acquired RD Textures, bringing some of the best scanned 3D Materials to their library. Quixel is free to use with Unreal Engine, they also have free assets to use with any other software


  • AmbientCG is a growing library of generative landscapes and photo-scanned content. From the creators of CC0-Textures (now under AmbientCG) this 3D library continues to provide free and reliable content!


  • SketchFab is a community driven platform, which means 2 things. First, there is a ton of content. Thousands of amazing assets are available to download for free. The only downside is not all licenses or quality of models are created equal. Make sure you understand the license associated with your model before using in any project.


  • Smithsonian 3D Has an open access to a massive library of 3D content available for download. The quality ranges broadly, but the scanned assets are extremely unique. Check the usage conditions for each model, as they do vary.


  • TurboSquid is another user submitted site. Since ShutterStock acquired them, the site seems to be going through some revisions. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that they continue to provide 3D models. Usage rights will vary per-model, so make sure to check before using any downloads.


Find more 3D Models on 


Download 3D Monster Effects

Mike the Monster Making Machine has been busy! He’s made you several new 3D models to download and use in your projects. All 3 of these creepy creatures are Mixamo compatible for some animating. Let me introduce you to your new friends.

First off is the Wolfman! He’s around 6’2, 315lbs, and likes long walks in the moonlight. Find him here

Download 3D Werewolf


Our next monsters is the Goatman. His diet is mostly ogranic, fresh human flesh. Just look at that smile! Click here to download this charmer


Download 3D Goatman Here


And finally, the Vampire! While he has no wings, he’ll still sweep you off of your feet (kicking and screaming). Perfect for cave-monsters and underworld dwellers, find this monster here

Download 3D Vampire Model

Download royalty free 3d vampire model