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Dust and Smoke VFX Collection

Download your HD Smoke and Dust VFX here

One thing that completes any VFX shot is dust and smoke. They bring a truly gritty atmosphere to any action sequence, and shall forever be a must-have for any serious film producer!

There are two ways you can become a pyrotechnic expert and blast your shot into the next level. The first is to do these effects practically, whether that is setting off fog machines on set, or even using a smoke-grenade. While this may sound like the fun option, it is not always the most practical due to cost, time to set-up, and making sure you operate this equipment safely.

The second option is cheap, quick, easy and only a click away! We have a gigantic collection of dust and smoke VFX assets for your video, all ready to be deployed into your film-production workflow to make your scene look stunning.

Our smoke plumes in action!

So what do we have?

Our bundle includes atmospheric smoke, fog, gigantic plumes, volcanic ash clouds, bursts and dozens of other variations! All of these effects are ready to download, after which you can composite them into your video through software such as After Effects, Hitfilm, Nuke and any other with multi-layer features. We have pre-keyed all of our footage to make it as simple as possible for you to drop them into your composition.

We recommend that you apply a subtle tint effect to your smoke effects so that they match the color of the lighting around them. Another useful tip is to once again tint the overall color to very lightly lean towards the colour of the sky, with a greater tint for further away smoke. 

Download HD Smoke and Dust VFX here

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