Bow & Arrow Sound FX

We’ve been recycling the same arrow swoosh and bow-twang sound effects for nearly a year, and decided to do a complete overhaul of our bow and arrow sound effects.

This was a two stage process. First, Chris and Adrian joined a professional audio engineer and a shockingly talented archer to record some foley. Arrows, feathers, bows, strings, and quivers were all recorded individually before being mixed together for the final effects.

Microphones were posted by the target, in the middle of the archery range, on the bow and boom mic’d right on all the movement. We captured everything we could.

Don’t worry, we timed our setup while no one was shooting arrows (especially not Chris or Adrian!)

See how close the mic was to the target? Luckily our archer was top-notch

The second stage process was working with our crew over at Suite Tracks to create the digital sound effects. These are more stylized, and can be used in tandem with the foley sounds to create every conceivably needed bow and arrow sound effect.

Check them all out here

We have plenty for free, and even more exclusively for our Pro Members.