Editorial License Explained

While the vast majority of ProductionCrate assets are available for commercial use, a small selection of our content is subject to editorial use. ProductionCrate assets labelled with an Editorial License fall under different usage terms than assets that fall under our standard license.

These assets may be subject to and protected by another party’s Intellectual Property rights. Permitted use of assets under editorial use in media products is limited to news reporting in productions of cultural, editorial, journalistic, or otherwise newsworthy value, and includes news reporting on television and the internet. This restriction does not apply if you have written consent to use the Other-Party Intellectual Property for your Production, such as if you are the Intellectual Property owner yourself, or an Intellectual Property owner’s advertising team, hired party, or licensee purchasing that company’s product. ProductionCrate does not own or license any other-party intellectual property, nor does it in any way make any representations or warranties about other-party intellectual property associated with media elements. You are solely responsible for determining the need for and, if appropriate, obtaining any needed other-party clearance, consent, or release to use any other-party intellectual property in your productions.

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