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Find What You Need Faster – Improved Search Features

We have over 10,000 assets on ProductionCrate. That’s a lot of awesome content to dig through. We do our best to keep everything organized and easy to find, but with the shear volume of content to search you may still have to do a little extra hunting to find the exact asset you need.

Well, not anymore.

Two new features are now available on ProductionCrate. The Broadness Feature, which will control the range of results based on your searched keyword(s), and the Subtraction Feature, allowing you to specify undesired results. Let me explain how these useful tools work.

I’ll start over at, but note that these features are on all ProductionCrate sites.

If I search for ‘Fire‘ I’ll see every search result that has ‘fire‘ in the tags or title. 42 different results pop up, including a song called ‘Light my Fire‘, sound effects of various ‘guns firing’ and ‘fire burning’ sound effects. I just want the ‘fire burning’ sound effect results, so I can toggle the SFX checkbox at the far right.


Now the results are just showing the sound effects, but that still includes all the ‘gun firing’ sound effects when I search for ‘Fire’. I want to clean up my results a bit more, so I can search for

Fire -gun

None of my results will have ‘gun‘ in the title any longer. I can even subtract multiple results. For example, some of my results are ‘missile fire‘ and ‘torches‘ and ‘fireworks‘, none of which I am looking for, so I can search

Fire -gun -missile -torch -fireworks

And my results are down from 42 to 19, most of them are exactly what I’m looking for!

Toggling the broadness as similar abilities, but with more automation. This can mean less control, but you’ll be able to browse quickly. If you search for ‘Aerial Explosion‘ on there will be 35 results currently, with the broadness set fairly high. You’ll see ‘aerial blood bursts‘ and ‘anime explosions‘, but if you drag your broadness to 0, you’ll see 18 results, all titled with ‘Aerial Explosion’.

Doing the opposite will increase your search radius, if you max out the broadness you’ll search every title and keyword for both ‘Aerial‘ and ‘Explosion‘, and see all the results. Use these tools to find exactly what you’re looking for from our huge libraries!