Download AEJPG Free Script for After Effects

How to export Images from Adobe After Effects – Free Script

Download a free JPG exporter script for After Effects.

ProductionCrate has released a free JPG exporter for Adobe After Effects, so now it only takes a single click to save and share your art. This script is easy to set up and enhances your ability to work in After Effects.

From mockups to pre-visualizations of new concepts, there are plenty of reasons why you may need to export a still image in JPG from After Effects – and in a short amount of time as well.

Unfortunately, the conventional method of exporting jpg images from After Effects is not only complicated – but it is also unintuitive and a hassle for such a simple task.

But what if we told you that there is a simple way to save jpg images on After Effects?

How to install the aeJPG script for Adobe After Effects


First, sign up for a free ProductionCrate account. Pro users will be able to access our entire library of 10,000+ VFX, music, sound effects and 3D models.

Next, download and place the script in your After Effects Scripts UI folder:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects 2023\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels\
Applications/Adobe After Effects 2023/Suppport Files/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels/

Relaunch After Effects, and go to Windows -> aeJSX. Once you click this, the script interface will appear. You can position and slot this anywhere into your existing layout for your convenience.

When clicking on the panel’s menu, by enabling Small Tabs in the settings, you’ll be able to make this interface even smaller.

Creating the template

Before you can export JPG images, you will need to create a template with your preferred JPG settings.

Go to Edit -> Templates -> Output Module

In the pop-up window, click “New”, and set the format to JPEG Sequence. You may also set the compression strength in the format options.


Click “OK”, and rename the output template to “JPG”.

Once that’s ready, click “OK”. You’re now ready to go!


How to Quickly Export Still Image From After Effects?

We believe that exporting a single from After Effects should be a quick and simple process – which is why we’ve introduced our own free image exporter script for Adobe After Effects, called aeJPG.

What is aeJPG? Ae JPG is a simple script that you can download from ProductionCrate and use to export JPG images from After Effects in less than a second.

There are plenty of other reasons why you should consider hitting download on our free script for exporting still JPG images from After Effects.

This After Effects Image Exporter Script is Free

Not only does our ae JPG script save you from having to perform a lengthy process only to get a simple JPG image, but it is also completely free to download and use!

Our aim is to make things more convenient for artists so that the lengthy image exporting process on Adobe After Effects isn’t an obstacle in the way – especially when you’re working on a project that has to be wrapped up within a set time limit.

So, if you haven’t already, visit this link to download the ae JPG script for free.

No more screenshots

Ever tried to hastily take a screenshot of your project, only to get a blurred downscaled image with cropped edges? This After Effects image export script is the perfect alternative.

Downloadable in Every Version of After Effects

Wondering if our script will work on the version of After Effects that you work on? Keeping both our beginners and professionals in mind, we’ve made sure to keep this simple – yet useful still image exporter for After Effects – available on all versions of After Effects starting from version 14.2.1 (2017) and beyond!

This makes our free ae JPG script accessible to almost all Adobe After Effects users and does not require you to get the latest version of After Effects.

Send Work Progress to Clients in Seconds

We’ve all dealt with clients who demand work updates every few hours to make sure that progress is being made on the project.

This can become even more frustrating when you have to deal with the added extended time that it takes to export a still image from After Effects using the conventional method provided by the software.

Luckily, with our free ae JPG script, you can shorten the time it takes to export still JPG to less than a second.

Make Comparing Between Variations of an Asset Simple

Why spend a long time exporting an MP4 file to compare different variations of an asset when you can export stills from After Effects in seconds to achieve the same purpose?

Our ae JPG script makes it easy for you to go through your footage and save a still of your choice in seconds! All it takes is two clicks, and the still JPG will appear in your folder automatically.

Create Youtube Thumbnails in Adobe After Effects

With this script, you can use your existing video footage to export a still JPG in seconds and then bring that still over to another software such as Adobe Photoshop to work on. This means that you can perform all your tasks of exporting still images from After Effects for YouTube thumbnails or video frames all within the software without a convoluted messy process.

Export High-Quality Still Images from After Effects

One of the biggest reasons why you should download the free ae JPG script to shorten the time it takes to export a still image from After Effects is the fact that you get a final-render quality JPG image exported instantly.

Our script was made to automatically export JPG images from After Effects without you having to provide additional instructions.

JPG is the recommended format for most larger and more detailed images as it intelligently compresses it to a manageable size – making the loading, exporting and sending time faster without significantly reducing the quality of the image.

The JPG format makes our free JPG exporter for After Effects script convenient in terms of time-saving when exporting high-quality still images from After Effects.


Start exporting JPG images from After Effects today!

If you want to switch to the two-click method of exporting JPG image from After Effects, then download our free ae JPG script today!