Monthly Crate Update – Everything New in June!

The wonderful and wonderfully weird monthly show is back!

Adrian hosts this episode of the Monthly Crate Update and shares with us all the wonderful news from last month.


The After Effects TypeCrate Script helps you use the TypeKit bundles. We also have a new animated font, the Meltdown Typekit!

TypeKits and Script:


Making an explainer video? Check out our animated Hand Gestures.

Hand Gestures:


We love them, and so will you. Our hip-hop song selection will help your videos stay engaging.

Hip Hop Songs:


Perfect for motion graphics, visual effects and so much more, SciFi is easily our most used sound effects category.

SciFi SFX:


We loved the new Deadpool 2 movie, and especially Cable’s Shield effects! Now you can make them yourself.

Cable’s Shield Effects: