Paint Stroke Effects in Adobe Premiere!

PremiereGal teaches us some really awesome techniques in this Jessica Jones intro inspired tutorial!

Using brush stroke assets from FootageCrate PremiereGal has developed some motion-graphic tricks that you can use in your own videos.

After dropping on a vignette and playing with the colors, PremiereGal applies the Turbulent Displace effect (which is included in Premiere Pro)

Refine turbulent displace by changing it to a Horizontal Displacement

Increase the intensity to around 200 %

For the displacement size, bring it way down, to around 2

Increase the complexity of the lines to around 7

The drop the Posterize Effect onto the footage

There are other tricks to play with the color, but you can use at your discretion.

Using brush stroke assets PremiereGal overlays some onto her footage. After rotating and positioning to her desired layout, she then applies various Blending Modes to achieve unique looks, such as Soft Light, Color Dodge, and Overlay.

To add additional texture, some Blood Assets were used as paint splatter accents.