Over 30 New Magical Sound FX!

New Magical Sound FX are now available for download!

We have been needing fantasy/magical sound effects for so long, and we are happy to share the new collection with you.

Our content has depended heavily on the SciFi category for supernatural sound design, which work well for some content, but not everything. The new Magic Sound FX  rounds things off nicely. These have a more fantastical element to them.


Fantasy Gliss options are perfect for a memory transition, falling into a dream, or summoning your fairy godmother.

Fairy Dust selection is wonderful for any magical or supernatural particles, whether you’re flying through a nebula or are sprinkling a love potion into someone’s drink.

Whooshes and Spells are helpful when generating magic or powers, and can be used nicely in tandem with our SciFi collection

Want some Magical VFX?

Check out these awesome Fireball options!