NVIDIA Omniverse Create

This 3D Rendering Software Isn’t Just Fast… It’s Free

3D artists want to see results fast. We’re getting spoiled in this wonderful age of GPU rendering, and can’t we get enough.

The tools of the trade get better every year, and 2022 is no exception. NVIDIA has been making waves with Omniverse, a creator suite with amazing tools for 3D Artists. Mike has been playing with Omniverse Create, a place to simulate, light and render your 3D assets and scenes. The speeds are truly impressive.

Mike loves to sculpt monsters. This massive Kaiju is one of his most ambitious projects ever (just look at those details). The textures alone are a whopping 75 total UDIM textures, 8K resolution… perfect to put any renderer to the test!

Luckily, things didn’t catch fire. Omniverse Create held up, and then some. See the test and how you can use this free 3D software yourself!