Use Forced-Perspective to Make a Giant!

30fps x  X = 96fps

Where 30fps is our desired final frame-rate and 96fps is what we will be shooting in. The next step is to divide both sides by 30 –

30/30 x X = 96/30

to get

X = 3.2

the final step is to just find the square of that number

X² = 3.2²

3.2 x 3.2 = 10.24!

Now we can take 10.24 and multiply our actor’s height, 6ft

6 x 10.24 = 61.44

So we can make our actor around 60-65ft tall safely.

We used buildings and surrounding environments as a reference to get Adrian’s height to be consistently around 60ft. Keeping the ground-plane out of frame made things a lot easier. We shot at a low-angle to really sell the perspective.

The last step was to just rotoscope and mask out any foreground objects, like buildings, trees, cars, pedestrians, whatever! If you have any other moving objects, make sure to speed those up to real-time speed, your giant should be the only thing moving in slow-motion, or else you will ruin the illusion.