5 New Epic Tracks

Epic. That word gets thrown around a lot these days. We’re glad to bring you something truly epic. Our 5 latest tracks available on SoundsCrate are just that.

If you have soldiers marching into battle, heroes putting on the mask, or villains finalizing their plans, then the Epic Category is the place for you.

Now with 13 Total Tracks, find the right vibe for your scene.

The 5 Latest Tracks include


Final Fight (Pro)

This track is perfect for the hero-overcoming-obstacles scene. It’s not chipper, but is darker than some tracks.


Into Battle (Pro)

Darker tones, with a large-scale intensity. This is ideal if your warring orc army or legion of dead need to sharpen their blades and paint their faces.


Annihilation (Pro)

It starts out with an almost evil intensity. Perfect if your villain nearly has Pandora’s box, or your Pharaoh is about to sacrifice your film’s heroine.


On a Quest (Free)

This is a fun track. Great for the start of the journey, your idealistic young Prince doesn’t know the foulness that lays beyond his father’s realm, and is ready to charge off with his best friend.


Restless (Free)

Similar vibes as On a Quest, but more of a build-up than the beginning of the journey. Things aren’t quite settled, but something is about to happen.


Check out these wonderful tracks. We’re so excited to use them in our #SaturdayMorningTutorials and other films!