Thriller tracks for your video!

5 New Thriller Tracks!

We have updated our Thriller Music category with 5 new tracks!


Hacker (Pro)

Time is running out, your hero has only a small window to hack into the mainframe, but security knows someone has broken into the building. Will he be able to get the documents onto the zip drive before he is caught?


No Release (Free)

This track gives you the feeling of being watched, but you don’t know from where. Keep moving, you never know how close they are.


Unseen Forces (Free)

Syncopated sounds keep you on edge in this track, there is no mystery any more, just the fear of the unavoidable.


Invisible Waves (Pro)

There is no obvious rhythm or beat in this track, it has an ominous tone, perfect for the abandoned laboratory or underground bunker scene!


Quiet Night (Pro)

This track has more of a haunting tone, and could fit in just as easily in our Suspense Category as our Thriller.

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