5 New Hip-Hop Beats

We have 5 new tracks added to our Hip-Hop category.

These Hip Hop tracks are perfect for commercials, tutorials, and vlogs. These steady beats are perfect to match up voice-overs and cuts in your edit. Find them all here.

  1. Simple Loop Beat (Pro) Is basic, easy to use and loop indefinitely. Borderline positive-vibes with a medium tempo.
  2. Bass Groovy Beat (Free) Slow bass and snaps drive this track. The tempo never drives high, maintaining a steady rhythm. This is great for filling long spaces in your videos without distracting your viewers.
  3. No Limit Beat (Pro) Has a smooth build without ever breaking. The vibe is a little intense but not heavy. Great for a montage scene, maybe even to help build some suspense.
  4. Drop That Beat (Free) Lighter tones than the other new tracks, keys keep things a little brighter without going cheerful. The beat is a bit faster and continuous, another one without any major builds or breaks. You’ll be hearing this in a lot of our tutorials.
  5. Slow Bouncy Beat (Pro) Slower, groovy goodness. This is the most positive of the bunch, evoking the feeling of floating in water or driving along your favorite roads.