Download 3D Monster Effects

Mike the Monster Making Machine has been busy! He’s made you several new 3D models to download and use in your projects. All 3 of these creepy creatures are Mixamo compatible for some animating. Let me introduce you to your new friends.

First off is the Wolfman! He’s around 6’2, 315lbs, and likes long walks in the moonlight. Find him here

Download 3D Werewolf


Our next monsters is the Goatman. His diet is mostly ogranic, fresh human flesh. Just look at that smile! Click here to download this charmer


Download 3D Goatman Here


And finally, the Vampire! While he has no wings, he’ll still sweep you off of your feet (kicking and screaming). Perfect for cave-monsters and underworld dwellers, find this monster here

Download 3D Vampire Model

Download royalty free 3d vampire model