Download Free 3D Models

Download Free 3D Models for VFX Artists

We released our biggest 3D Pack ever, the Modular Kingdom Pack. Download this Free 3D Collection of castle, buildings, walls and structures to use in your Visual Effects and filmmaking projects. RenderCrate  is a library full of free and Pro 3D models that you can download. Anything not marked with a star is 100% free! Find weapons, sports gear, vehicles and characters from our ever growing library.

If you’re looking for more 3D content for free, here’s a list of 5 wonderful resources. We’ll keep adding more to RenderCrate, so make sure to check back regularly.


  • Quixel Megascans library is absolutely massive, and packed full of high-quality 3D content. Their focus is on photogrammetry / scanned assets, so all the content photo-realistic. They recently acquired RD Textures, bringing some of the best scanned 3D Materials to their library. Quixel is free to use with Unreal Engine, they also have free assets to use with any other software


  • AmbientCG is a growing library of generative landscapes and photo-scanned content. From the creators of CC0-Textures (now under AmbientCG) this 3D library continues to provide free and reliable content!


  • SketchFab is a community driven platform, which means 2 things. First, there is a ton of content. Thousands of amazing assets are available to download for free. The only downside is not all licenses or quality of models are created equal. Make sure you understand the license associated with your model before using in any project.


  • Smithsonian 3D Has an open access to a massive library of 3D content available for download. The quality ranges broadly, but the scanned assets are extremely unique. Check the usage conditions for each model, as they do vary.


  • TurboSquid is another user submitted site. Since ShutterStock acquired them, the site seems to be going through some revisions. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that they continue to provide 3D models. Usage rights will vary per-model, so make sure to check before using any downloads.


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