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FootageCrate is offering an amazing free bundle of video effects.


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VFX can be a daunting field to get into, but FootageCrate makes it easy. Even if you have no prior experience, you can learn the basics in minutes.
Compositing in VFX involves combining multiple images, frames or renders. This process can range from complex compositions with hundreds of various elements and render passes, to simple overlays of one rendered element on top of your video. Below we have an example of 3 separately layers composited together. We have the background, the subject and the VFX element.

Basic VFX compositing

To help you get started, FootageCrate is offering the VFX Starter Pack 1, a collection of 50 pre-made visual effects. This pack is nearly 3GB worth of video effects content. These elements are high-quality and created by professional CGI artists. Packs 2 and 3 are planned for 2023.

This downloadable collection of 50 Free VFX features assets from the following libraries

Explosion VFX
Magic VFX
Fire and Spark VFX
Motion Graphics
Transition Effects
Muzzle Flash VFX

And several more. These are all available from FootageCrate’s free library, and even include several 4K assets ordinarily limited to user’s with a Pro Subscription.

The effects come with RGB+A, or Red, Green Blue, and Alpha channels.  All effects containing transparency are ProRes 4444 Files. A few of the files are H.264. Framerates vary from 30fps to 60fps. The Alpha channel controls the transparency in an image or video. These effects come with a transparent background, allowing you to easily drag and drop them onto your footage.

Download Debris and Destruction VFX
If you’re looking for free VFX software, ProductionCrate recommends Hitfilm Free or DaVinci Resolve. The 50 Free Effects Pack is compatible with iMovie, After Effects, Premiere, Filmora, Final Cut, DaVinci, Hitfilm and all major editing software.

If you’re looking for even more VFX content, find thousands of Free Video Effects here. You can download all of these with a Free VFX Account, limited to five downloads a day. If you want even more content, access 50 daily downloads from the entire ProductionCrate library with a Pro Account.

interview with professional vfx artist david blaker

Want more free content? Any item not marked with a star from these production libraries is free to download.

RenderCrate has Hundreds of Free 3D Models

SoundsCrate has thousands of music and sound effects Free to Download

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