Create Convincing Telekinesis-Effects

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Visual Effects will always work better when used with practical effects. This telekinesis tutorial is no different.

Using a real knife instead of a CGI knife, we were able to achieve realistic shadows, reflections, and motion far faster and cheaper than we could with a CGI knife.

The Wisp Assets are some of our favorite effects. They are easy to overlook because they lack the flashiness of other FX, but they’re subtle touch and unique  looks are why we use them in nearly every-other tutorial.

The Sorcerer’s Fireballs collection was an obvious choice for these effects. The fiery energy balls are nearly the exact look as those used in the Marvel movies.

Using the Solid Composite effect and a Tritone effect you can easily achieve the look and color you need from the Scarlet Witch telekinesis tutorial.