5 New Hip-Hop Beats

We have 5 new tracks added to our Hip-Hop category.

These Hip Hop tracks are perfect for commercials, tutorials, and vlogs. These steady beats are perfect to match up voice-overs and cuts in your edit. Find them all here.

  1. Simple Loop Beat (Pro) Is basic, easy to use and loop indefinitely. Borderline positive-vibes with a medium tempo.
  2. Bass Groovy Beat (Free) Slow bass and snaps drive this track. The tempo never drives high, maintaining a steady rhythm. This is great for filling long spaces in your videos without distracting your viewers.
  3. No Limit Beat (Pro) Has a smooth build without ever breaking. The vibe is a little intense but not heavy. Great for a montage scene, maybe even to help build some suspense.
  4. Drop That Beat (Free) Lighter tones than the other new tracks, keys keep things a little brighter without going cheerful. The beat is a bit faster and continuous, another one without any major builds or breaks. You’ll be hearing this in a lot of our tutorials.
  5. Slow Bouncy Beat (Pro) Slower, groovy goodness. This is the most positive of the bunch, evoking the feeling of floating in water or driving along your favorite roads.


TypeCrate – After Effects Script

ProductionCrate’s TypeKit AE Script is out!

Our goal is always to provide quality assets and simplify complex processes in video and filmmaking. The TypeCrate script accomplishes both. This script is only available to Pro Users. You will need to download bundled type kits and extract the .RAR archive for the script to function.

Download the TypeCrate script from ProductionCrate!

Pro users can download the script Here.

See all our Video Typekits Here!

To get started with the script in just a few seconds:

  1. Drop the folder containing all of the individual characters in a TypeKit anywhere on your computer.
  2. Launch the TypeCrate script by navigating through File -> Scripts -> Run Script File -> TypeCrate.jsx
  3. You’ve launched the script! Hit the ProductionCrate logo at the top of the UI to open up the preferences. Here we can click “Choose” to navigate to the TypeKit folder containing the characters.
  4. Hit “Done” to save the preferences. We can now enter our text into the text boxes and adjust any setting you need to (The tutorial below goes through each property in detail!).
  5. Once you’re ready, we can generate our TypeCrate text!

Here is everything you need to know about using the TypeCrate AE Script



Create Convincing Telekinesis-Effects

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Visual Effects will always work better when used with practical effects. This telekinesis tutorial is no different.

Using a real knife instead of a CGI knife, we were able to achieve realistic shadows, reflections, and motion far faster and cheaper than we could with a CGI knife.

The Wisp Assets are some of our favorite effects. They are easy to overlook because they lack the flashiness of other FX, but they’re subtle touch and unique  looks are why we use them in nearly every-other tutorial.

The Sorcerer’s Fireballs collection was an obvious choice for these effects. The fiery energy balls are nearly the exact look as those used in the Marvel movies.

Using the Solid Composite effect and a Tritone effect you can easily achieve the look and color you need from the Scarlet Witch telekinesis tutorial.